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Flatwork provides new concrete installation, concrete removal and replacement, stamped/colored concrete, overlays and brick pavers.


We pour new driveways, walkways, curbs and gutters, pool decks, patios and garage floors.

Check out some of our specialty services such as Concrete Countertops and Splash Pads!

We also service commercial and municipal.


Sidewalk Repair

& Placement

Sidewalk repair may include remove and replace for a fresh new look, or you can simply level an existing area to prevent trip hazards or pooling water.



& Leveling

Concrete leveling is a process that hydraulically raises a sunken concrete slab back to its original position. It is a remarkable and cost effective alternative to replacing uneven concrete on driveways, walkways, patios, porches, garage floors and steps.

To ensure your concrete is protected, caulk should be applied to all expansion joints, control joints and saw cuts in driveways, walkways, patios, pool decks, porches, garage floors, steps or any other concrete areas.


Catch Basin

& Curb Repair

Catch Basins work as a drainage system for your parking lot. They are built into an asphalt or concrete parking lot to redirect storm water. 

All catch basins will settle or deteriorate over time. As water enters the basin, the joints between the frame and grate casting, blocks or mortar will become weak. When this happens, especially in the colder months, the water will expand and contract in the openings. This causes the basin to "pop out" and that is when you will need to fix your problem. 

Our catch basin repair services can be as simple as patching the asphalt around the perimeter or we can do a complete structure rebuild.  




Services Offered-

-Infrared Asphalt Repair

- Asphalt Remove and Replace

-Sealcoating and Crack Fill

- Full Roadway/Parking Lot Milling and Install

-Line Stripping and Bumper Installation




Stamped Concrete will beautify your concrete areas, It can be designed to look like stone, slate, brick, tile and even wood.

Brick pavers offer beauty, elegance, durability and low maintenance.

Brick pavers also transform driveways, entrance ways, pool decks, and patios with a stylish customized design.




Concrete provides more customization than traditional surfaces like granite, marble or laminate. Concrete is naturally durable and easy to maintain. Kitchen countertops can be cast to accommodate sinks, faucets or cooktops.

Concrete is also an excellent choice for outdoor entertainment areas due to its natural weather resistance.

Concrete countertops are also popular for bar restaurant tops, or reception desks.

Textures and finishes are available to match any design style, including traditional, modern, industrial, contemporary or even rustic.


Pool Surround

& Splash Pad

Residential splash water pads have been a growing trend, replacing pools. Splash pads are great for any size yard, big or small! With little, to no standing water a splash pad is an affordable alternative to a traditional swimming pool.

We work with pool companies to pour pool decks, additional sidewalk and pool house concrete. 

We also offer pool deck resurfacing. This is an excellent way to spruce up an existing deck with overlays that can be colored and stamped.

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